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You might on this page because…

…someone is contesting the outcome of an estate you recently administered and you need someone to defend the will or estate administration, I’m here to support you in and out of court… or

…you’re contesting a will or power of attorney that was written with undue influence over a loved one….

…you’re concerned that a loved one is being exploited or neglected by someone who is supposed to be taking care of them…

…you can’t find the money that should “be there.”

What happened?

These situations are dicey - because sometimes it’s a matter of knowing whether you should fight, settle, or walk away. Like they say, “how much justice can you afford?” It isn’t right, but it’s the system that we have, for now. Luckily, in certain of these types of cases, Virginia law provides a way to make the wrongdoer pay for YOUR attorney’s fees—in certain circumstances—that you had to pay to make things right.

Trust in me because I will tell you the unbiased truth. If the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, you’ll hear it here first. If we decide to move forward, I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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