Estate Administration

Please accept my condolences for your recent loss.

If you are looking for support administering the trust or estate of someone who recently passed, I’m here to help you.

You’re in the right place if you’ve…

never before been an executor or trustee to an estate - and suddenly, due to a great loss, you have this great responsibility thrust onto you.

been surrounded by people ready to drive you crazy telling you how things “should” go down.

already done everything “right,” but how do you show that to the court and report on the administration of the estate?

got enough on your plate and would rather hand off this responsibility to someone who’s done this a lot.

No one is particularly adept at being an executor or trustee the first time - that’s why you should work with an attorney like me who does this every day. Allow me to take away your stress so you can take the time to mourn the person who’s passed.

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