Medicaid Crisis Planning

If you’re here, something’s likely happened and it’s become clear that your loved one needs additional assistance caring for themselves at home or in a facility.

I want you to know first that I will be here to help you, even if this is something you hadn’t planned for.

Allow me to help you apply for Medicaid or Veteran’s Benefits - or access your loved one’s long term care insurance policy.

Does this sound like you?


Are completely overwhelmed and submerged in a bunch of problems you didn’t know you were going to deal with today.

Went to bed last night a normal person, and woke up super worried about the future of your loved one and how this change will impact your life.

Need to protect the spouse of the person who’s had the life-changing event, so you can’t suddenly give everything away and apply for Medicaid, because that person needs money to live on.

Know there’s a lot of advice out there - including bad advice - and you want someone to advocate for the best outcome possible for your family.

Feel a sense of mourning - we get this stuff taken care of so you can focus on your person and grieving / feeling your feelings.

This might feel scary, I know.

I’m here to help you take the best possible next steps.

You don’t have to do this alone.

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