Urgent Situation

You don't need to make tough decisions alone.

The phrase I never get tired of hearing is, “Phew, I feel so much better now.” The peace of mind that we’re able to give people is invaluable, and we’re proud to make that our main job.

Whether you're making choices for your spouse or parent, long-term care can be a major source of stress if you haven't prepared legally and financially.

Allow me to be your guide. I never ever talk down to my clients and pride myself on sharing options in a compassionate, easily understandable way.

I've helped my clients who were facing the same challenges navigate crises and I want to help you, too.

"When you work with Ari Sommer, you will find that he is who you would consider above and beyond any expectations of a lawyer. We hired Ari Sommer to help my parents when my dad had dementia and he needed long term nursing care; my mom did not need that type of care. Essentially, they had to split while still being married. This happens so many times with the elderly. From the moment we met Ari Sommer he became a guardian angel to my parents and my sisters and me. You expect someone to do what is typical in creating a will etc., but Ari Sommer did so much more. He presented meticulous information to allow supporting agencies such as Medicaid to make quick and concise decisions to secure my parents living conditions as well as financially. I know I may sound repetitive, but I watched Ari as not only did he dot his "i’s” and cross his "t’s” but he created a road map with precise information and directions to allow agencies to quickly make decisions in my parents favor without having these agencies to ask for further information which would have delaying the outcome for my parents. Time is essential in these matters. He is highly intelligent, compassionate, and caring, and he also went way, way past that. He looked at their situation along with other laws in place and felt that somethings needed to change. After his detailed analysis, he sought after remedies that would protect my parents and their assets. He actually developed a new way to apply a law that can benefit people in Virginia and in doing so, allowed my mother and father to financially be secure and safe. Again, I am repeating myself, but I have never seen someone like him and the way his mind worked. He theorized and meticulously presented information to judges and developed a new application of the law to help not only my parents but others who may be in similar situations in the future. So, do I recommend Ari Sommer you better believe it. I only wish there were more people out there like him and yes, I wish I was more like Ari Sommer and I am a business owner of 20 years. To say he is my hero is not stated without fact, he defines heroism. He took care of my parents when my sisters and I did not know how to. He took that weight off my sisters and I and my parents as we trusted him to protect and serve my parents For that Ari Sommer you are my hero and I cannot thank you so much for the way you compassionately took care of my parents and treated them with the fight and determination with love, gentleness, and reassurance you gave to my parents during this time."

- Deborah Coughlin

"After my elderly father's accident, we were faced with astronomical bills from skilled nursing care. Although my parents were good planners, they didn't see this coming. Mr. Sommer worked diligently to qualify my father for Medicaid -and he qualified within 3 weeks of when we started the process. He prepared several hundred page application and hand delivered it to the county. Mr Sommer helped us restructure their assets using new methods that other attorneys had not even thought about. He set legal precedent in a landmark case that helped my mother to receive my father's pension. He's treated our family as if they were his own family. He explains complicated concepts in terms that are easy to understand. His compassion and core values extend well beyond the workplace-he volunteers his time to help veterans and their families with VA Benefits and volunteers at the voting polls. Mr. Sommer genuinely cares about the work and the people that he serves."

- Cj Johnson

"I first started working with Ari during a very difficult time. My father had fallen and broken his hip and was unable to return to his home to live. I needed to get him placed in a nursing home and on Medicaid as quickly as possible. I contacted Ari and immediately knew he was the right attorney to help me in this process. Not only is he a very smart and talented attorney, he is kind, authentic, personable and approachable. Never once did he make me feel that I asked a stupid question. He explained things to me in terms I could understand. He really cares about his clients and treats them as people not “cases”. I’m very happy with his service and highly recommend him. "

- Florence Bassi

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