Why I love what I do (a podcast!)

Entrepreneurship always sounded to me like one of those business school words, or one of those 1990s .com boom concepts, but not something that people like me have anything to do with.

Well, as it turns out, my family is long on entrepreneurs. My father has had a private psychology practice for more than thirty years, my mother ran a not-for-profit child abuse prevention education program since I was in elementary school, my father’s parents had a corner store/candy shop and a taxi medallion, and my mother’s folks owned an ice cream shop.

These aren’t just jobs; they’re small businesses serving their communities while providing opportunity for families. I was fortunate to be able to discuss this and how such small businesses can provide values-based services to clients on a wonderful podcast called Liz on Biz with Liz Theresa.

Liz is an online marketer and web designer/developer hailing from Boston (go Sox, eventually) who helps entrepreneurs launch and build online businesses they love.

Liz on Biz is all about where life and entrepreneurship intersect. The goal of the show is to help budding entrepreneurs as well as business owners who are in transition feel more equipped, less fearful, and more confident moving forward in their lives and businesses by hearing stories directly from the experts who have “made it” to the other side, where things feel like they’re humming along and the fear and dread are mere memories, mostly.

On my episode with Liz, we talk about how I entered the elder law field and have thrived in a caring community of practitioners and wonderful clients.

I first met Liz on a recommendation for a web designer from a close friend who himself runs a successful online business. After a couple of intense but largely hilarious conversations, I hired Liz to create my new website. This was a struggle, as we kept wanting to just talk about family, babies, Boston, grandparents, marriage and divorce, etc., etc., etc. But being a professional, Liz always brought us back to task. I’m proud of the site that Liz and her team created, and am excited to share our interview with you.

Start listening to my episode right here.



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