"Ari is knowledgeable and easy to work with. He makes the process of dealing with stressful and difficult situations, much more comfortable and less complicated. I appreciate his candor when dealing with topics that many don't like to dwell on. I highly recommend him. If you find your brain fleeing from topics such as; who will take care of my child(ren) when I pass or even who will take care of my child(ren) if I am incapacitated for an extended period of time, Ari can help!"

- Tiffani Braun

"Ari’s expertise and commitment to excellent client care is always appreciated and was a game-changer in a recent real estate transaction. He was able to meet with my client who had a terminal illness and ensure his estate was in proper order to protect his wife and family. As my client, unfortunately, passed only 2 weeks later, his wife was able to easily resolve the completion of their home sale, saving her from a great deal of additional stress. I’m so grateful for Ari’s care and professionalism. He’s a wonderful asset to my business as a realtor."

- Lori Bales

"As a financial professional, I have complete trust in Ari and his ability to provide excellent service and care to clients for their estate planning, asset protection and elder law needs. He is knowledgeable, professional and kind. I know when sending my clients to him that he will put their best interests first and advocate for them."

- Anna L. Green, Wealth Advisor, ALG Financial

"As a young couple with a one year old, my wife and I knew we needed to protect our family’s assets in the case of the unthinkable happening. We had all of the same questions everyone has about estate planning but thankfully Ari was able to present to us our options in a clear, concise and professional manner. We felt very informed throughout the process and were extremely satisfied when we signed our final documents making sure our family is now protected forever. We highly recommend Ari to anyone looking for estate planning services."

- Shawn Rider

"We walked into Ari’s office unsure of what we needed, and Ari took the time to answer our questions, walk us through the process, and lay out a roadmap for how to proceed. Although the topic of estate planning is an inherently uncomfortable one, working with Ari made the process straightforward and as pleasant as it could be, and we now have the peace of mind that we have a solid plan in place for the future."

- Allison Diaz

"I first started working with Ari during a very difficult time. My father had fallen and broken his hip and was unable to return to his home to live. I needed to get him placed in a nursing home and on Medicaid as quickly as possible. I contacted Ari and immediately knew he was the right attorney to help me in this process. Not only is he a very smart and talented attorney, he is kind, authentic, personable and approachable. Never once did he make me feel that I asked a stupid question. He explained things to me in terms I could understand. He really cares about his clients and treats them as people not “cases”. I’m very happy with his service and highly recommend him. "

- Florence Bassi

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